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A Good Essay Has Three Parts

Essay Writing Has An Introduction

An essay communicates a written idea from the author to the reader in a concise and brief format in opposition to a book of several pages. The author conveys an idea and it must be presented in such a way so the reader can fully understands the message conveyed. The essay is a written piece of work and characteristic of proper grammar and punctuation. Three elements will help an author write a good essay, first state the idea, second support the idea, and third recap the idea. A simple essay can be broken down into three basic paragraphs such as an introduction, a body, and a conclusion. The introduction tells the reader what your essay is about and it may only be two or three sentences long.


The Body Supports The Author’s Idea

Following the introductory paragraph of a good essay, the body of the essay should include specific support. The body should include three or four complete sentences that support the author’s main idea. The specific support should relate directly to the topic and author's viewpoint. Depending on the essay’s main idea the body may contain an argument, a description, or an explanation. The body can be easily created by asking the question why you believe your main idea to be true or not true. The introduction states the idea, and the body explains why.


The Conclusion Restates The Main Idea

The final paragraph in a good essay is called the conclusion or the wrap up. The author only needs a few sentences to finalize the work. After the main idea is stated in the introduction and the idea is explained, described, or argued in the body, the last thing to do is sum up the idea. Remind the ready the main topic of the essay. This can be done by simply restating the idea. You may try to use essay writing software for your error free essay.

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