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How to Write a Good Article that People want to Read

The assignment has been given and the computer turned on. The blinking cursor is ready to move across the page. Yet, the words aren’t coming. No matter how much you try, the stream of consciousness just isn’t flowing. Even worse is that the words that do come are flat and uninteresting.

Does this sound familiar? If so, don’t worry. These tips will have you writing a good article in no time.

Highlight the details

Print out a paper copy of the assignment and go over it with a highlighter and pen. Use the margins to scribble notes about the due date and word count. Highlight all key details.

Choosing a topic

Investigative work is involved if the assignment doesn’t dictate the topic. Expect to craft an article that will fit within a specific blog or website. Take time to peruse the site and initially choose a large overarching theme for the development of the article. The broad topic will allow for fine-tuning later.


Write down any thoughts about the topic that come to mind. Scribble on the page. Use margins. Don’t worry about putting the ideas in any particular order. The goal is to simply put the ideas down on paper.

Narrow the focus

Next, review the brainstorming list and cross off ideas that appeal less than others. The pattern that emerges will help narrow the focus of the article. Continue working through the list until there are three workable ideas. These will form the body of the writing.

Introduction and conclusion

A good article needs an introduction and conclusion. The introduction should include a thesis statement that introduces the main theme. A conclusion summarizes the article and ties up any loose ends. This conclusion reminds the reader that these steps will help create a good article that people will read.

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